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Thread: Love the colour scheme on th13 upgrades

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    Love the colour scheme on th13 upgrades

    Just want to say all the new max defences look really good. Hoping we get some archer tower & mortar upgrades in the future to match the colour scheme

    Favourite colour scheme by far
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    Agreed! love to see when its fully complete.

    Th9, Th11, and Th13 are my favs
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevo View Post
    Agreed! love to see when its fully complete.

    Th9, Th11, and Th13 are my favs
    Like 13 so far. Walls much better than 12. I liked 10 better than 9 but agree on 11.
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    +1. Totally agree, really enjoying the game again with some purpose to playing again. Love the new upgrades available and seem to have more clan members on line right now.
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    Oh yeah definitely. Those Cannons are far too bloody sexy!

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    Could not agree more SC outdid themselves on this color scheme it is beautiful

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    Yeah, the art team did a great job this time around. TH12 wasn't bad (not counting the pink(!?) xbows), but the TH13 theme is top notch. Much better coordination between the various buildings.

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