I'm probably OK and have not lost my TH 13 Clash base but the following happened...

I logged out of (not exactly sure...but I think SuperCell) from within COC.
I tried to reconnect my village and put in the Apple ID email I've used for years and was told I would get a confirmation code to enter.
That email never came. I did this a few times and the account was locked for 24 hours.

So my worry is that I either didn't set up my Supercell ID at all or for some reason used a different email. If this is the case, I'll never get an email at the address.

When I open COC on my phone it knows that my old account is there and asks if I want to load it. This comforts me in that the account is still out there.
I get redirected to Supercell ID where I cant do anything because of the 24 hour lock.

Not sure what to do next. I simply need to do something to get either the correct email into the Supercell ID I do have or set up my Supercell ID first the first time.

I just don't want to do anything rash and lose my account...