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Thread: Th13 upgrade strategy

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    Th13 upgrade strategy

    Hi everyone.
    What strategy will/have u opt(ed) to upgrade your th13 base? What things r u gonna give preference?
    I am in champ1 right now due to horrible clouds in titan.
    So i have decided that I will max my warden first and will then use miners all the way to farm for other things...i haven't spent a single penny on this game so far...Do you think I'll make it to max before they drop next update?
    I am going to upgrade eagle and cc with building hammers once cooldown goes off and will grind rest stuff slowly.
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    As always. Resources first. If I ever get there.
    Quote Originally Posted by WastingGems View Post
    SC missed the boat with this update.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    It was never the dev team's intention to leave the Town Hall side of the base behind.
    Although they did leave it behind.
    Builder base, a village so bad even it's builder wants to leave.

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    F2P so slow going so far.
    been working on RC have her going to 5 later today when she wakes.
    upgrading 3 storages, 1 of each. Will keep one builder on elixir and one on gold storage until thy are done.
    been using hammers/books in lab - did bowlers, EDrag, loon, heal waiting 2 days for the cooldown to end will then hammer either dragons or hogs and put healers in for 16 day upgrade.
    have one barrack going to yeti
    hammered the workshop
    as soon as gold storage big enough I’ll drop scatter shot
    once RC is taking longer than the time to get loot for next level I’ll work on RC and King at same time I think
    once lab is tied up on healers I’ll work on warden
    ill do defensive upgrades as builder space slows but it may be a while
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    lol I feel like Klav is my clash brother.

    I have a similar path. I hammered/booked the TH, the Lab/CC..

    Offense: started one Barrax (I will toil these down as soon as the loot collects and get them done. I am ok running mass Hogs until those barrax are finished! damn my Barrax OCD) and Ill do the Stores rotation right after those builders free up. for troops I did my Hogs and Heal spell, have Bowlers in the hopper rn and will do Healers next. then what ever else.

    Ill work on the RC next week. I have an AQ bias, but initial plan is to keep them all relatively in line for rotating upgrades. Ill hammer and book AQ with priority until my RC gets to like L10 or so.

    I started one IT going; Ill do an A/def -> X-bow -> WTs on a cycle.
    After i get my stores sorted Ill add shatters and work cannons into def rotation.

    I will be busy for a while, even with six builders I got a long path to max (not t mention the walls I still have lingering around)

    I get the gold pass so not totally F2P but the deals in that pass are excellent for a clasher like myself who enjoys the premium perks the pass allows.

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    I am a F2P player too , at present I have 2 th13s
    What I usually do is upgrade all elixir based buildings first , parallely work on my new hero Royal champion
    At present I am upgrading Lab , Barracks , storage's
    once they are done will focus my attention to Warden and Royal champion
    investing gold in walls

    In lab will upgrade
    Miners and Loons first or Dragons and Loons [ I have book of fighting and hammer of fighting]

    Farming in Crystal/Master
    Have 6 builders in 1st account
    Have 5 builders in 2nd account , All are busy and I have max loot

    Plan is to get my offense up then give priority to defense

    Strats used :
    Miners , Healericegolembowlers<since icegolem event is going on> , loonion

    Quote Originally Posted by Electrifyingankur View Post
    Do you think I'll make it to max before they drop next update?

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    Great thansk

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