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Thread: What Is BB?

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    Exclamation What Is BB?

    What where is the builder base so I can upgrade my cannons to the double cannon so please help me thanks cant uploade the photo of the cannon to the double cannon please help.

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    Well .. If you are serious... by the way, welcome to the forums you will find a ton of great information here... in general you can find any questions like this answered in the clash of clans wiki... so in this case you would google "coc builder base wiki" and then google "coc double cannon wiki" and all you questions are answered. Asking basic questions (like this) will get you flamed on these forums sometimes... lol but not by me.

    So if this is a serious question:

    • The Master Builder can Gear Up Cannons in the Home Village which will allow it to toggle between its normal firing mode and a mode that behaves similarly to the Double Cannon. This requires a level 7 Cannon in the Home Village and a level 4 Double Cannon in the Builder Base.

    And following is some background on the Builder Base - Enjoy the forums and the coc wiki... the wiki is your user guide to all the stuff you need to know!!!

    Starting at Town Hall 4 you can fix-up the Boat at your shore to travel to a place far, far away. Brace yourself for an adventure!

    The new village, the Builder Base is similar to your original village, but you might notice some differences:

    • It's always nighttime!
    • The Trophies and Resources you've gained in your original village don't transfer over. Each Chief must begin making a name for themself from scratch in this mysterious new place.
    • You might recognize the troops, but they have Special Abilities that unlock as you upgrade them.
    • You don't need any elixir to train troops for battle, only time.
    • Some buildings and traps look familiar, but might work in new and exciting ways.

    A new way to battle!

    The rules for battles are a bit different in the new village. Chiefs go head-to-head in Versus Battles, attacking eachother's villages at the same time. The Chief who scores more stars wins, and if tied the highest destruction percentage wins!

    Some additional details:

    • You always attack a player who is online, and this player will in turn attack you.
    • Chiefs are matched based on their Trophy count in the new village
    • To lose a battle doesn't mean that you lose resources, you only lose Trophies.
    • In the case of both Chiefs scoring the same star amount and same destruction percentage on the opponent's village, a Draw is called and neither player wins anything.
    • You don't have a chance to "Next" an opponent found for you
    • Loot rewards for victories are determined by a Chief's trophy amount. Gain more trophies to get access to better loot rewards!
    • After 3 wins Chiefs will need to wait out a cooldown period before they can battle for loot again.

    A skilled Chief remembers to balance his offensive capability with his defensive capability. Remember to keep developing your Builder Base's layout and defenses, as well as upgrading your troops!

    Benefit for your original village

    Below are the ways in which you benefit from progress in your new village:

    • You can gain Gems from two villages now and spend them in either village. Construct the Gem mine and clear obstacles to gain Gems.
    • You can Gear Up buildings in your original village to benefit from the technology from the Builder Base.
    • Share battle replays with your Clan for bragging rights and help on strategy
    • Winning Versus Battles will also help your Clan reach notoriety as it positively impacts your Clan's ranking on the leaderboards
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    The boat in the lower left. Use the boat to cross the water to BB.
    Quote Originally Posted by WastingGems View Post
    SC missed the boat with this update.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    It was never the dev team's intention to leave the Town Hall side of the base behind.
    Although they did leave it behind.
    Builder base, a village so bad even it's builder wants to leave.

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    Thank you so very very much all info excellent. Yes I am very new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyndee57 View Post
    Thank you so very very much all info excellent. Yes I am very new.
    Well, welcome to both the game and the forums.

    Let me second the CoC wiki - for a lot of basic gameplay questions, you can find the answer in the wiki very quickly. It's an invaluable tool. Here's the launch page:

    Clash of Stats: #L8CCQ8UJ
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    Honestly OP, I’m not really sure

    Its fun for the first little bit, but it gets very annoying very fast. Just take the gear-ups and run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeldagod14 View Post
    Honestly OP, Im not really sure

    Its fun for the first little bit, but it gets very annoying very fast. Just take the gear-ups and run.

    And don't forget you can unlock the Gem Mine in BB, PLUS get additional obstacles to cut down for gems/clan game challenges! Sure, it's not much, but it sure beats nothing
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