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Thread: A way to decrease 100% vs 100% tied amount in builder hall.

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    Lightbulb A way to decrease 100% vs 100% tied amount in builder hall.

    Pretty common situation (at least for me) to have builder hall fights where both I and my opponent scored 3 stars. Disregarding everything, this situation always mean tie.

    Victory grants you Loot, and Lose grants you cups decrease. Cups decrease means weaker opponents and better chances for Victory. But tie acts in another way - it yields literally nothing, the same as you never started this battle. That makes tie the worst outcome of the battle.

    A player-side solution to this problem is to drop cups, and "gift" a victory to an opponent. But I don't think that is how it meant to be done, because there's no convinient way(like hero dropping in the main village) to drop them.

    The proposal is to take time (measured down to milliseconds) to account when both opponents scored 3 stars, and make a winner the guy who scored 3 stars faster (i.e. planning time + attack time). This definitely will remove the most of tie occasions from the game.
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    If they were going to implement something to avoid ties, that method of the faster attack is probably the worst way that can be implemented. Slow troops would be never used.
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