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    I suffered with Google play and >20 accounts for a LONG time. I've encountered this many times before I changed to SCID 2.0). If you have a second device, load both Google accounts in it and make sure CoC can access both accounts. If that works, Google play is corrupted on your original device. When I've had that Google play issue: 1st cure, restart your device; 2nd cure, stop Google play and Clash of Clans in your app settings menu; 3rd and most drastic, delete all Google play data in the settings (1st) and then uninstall (2nd) and reinstall Google play.

    Let me know how that works.
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I have tried the above plus uninstalled and reinstalled both google play and clash but still no luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaBear38 View Post
    I suffered with Google play and >20 accounts for a LONG time. I've encountered this many times .....
    Over 20? Haha... Wow! I actually was able to access from my phone and then installed COC on another tablet and was able to access so it must be a device specific thing. I'll try your recommendations later today if it hasn't cleared up.

    My friend, I do appreciate your assistance!

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    My apologies
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    Happens every so often on one of mine. Clear the cache, restart.
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    Have you tried to log into the google account itself? Can you access the Gmail associated with it, or the settings page?
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    In my case its the first time in 6years and the worst thing is that I cant access to my full th12 acc which I have just upgraded to th13

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    Clearing the cache was one of the first things I tried and that doesnt fix it.

    I have full access to the gmail accounts and settings, I have also tried playing around with the 'automatically sign in to supported games' setting on both accounts but it hasnt done anything. I also use google play on PUBG and it works fine on there. whoch leads me to believe it may be the result of ome of the recent coc updates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcjn View Post
    Try on Wi-Fi. I can switch accounts on Wi-Fi but not mobile data
    Already tried with no success. By the way, Brawl Stars normally logs in using my acc, which is currently unable to log in CoC

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    I have the same problem. Can't switch accounts since today on my tablet. I could switch early this morning (cet) but some time in the morning the problem started. It is indeed device depended because I can still switch accounts on my phone.

    I restarted my tablet, deleted coc, deleted cache from coc, google play service en google play. Nothing helped.

    Has anybody another idea what I can try?

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