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    Google Play Account Switching Issues

    Hi guys, long time lurker first time poster here in need of some help!

    I have 2 accounts that i regularly switch between using google play. As of this morning it is no longer working! I have googled and tried a number of potential fixes but no success! I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue or if you could suggest any possible fixes? I need to get on to my 2nd account for war attacks 😱


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    1st, in your case, I would make supercell id for current account
    Contact supercell support. But be carefull! If you answer their questions wrong they might/will ban your current account. I would contact support on brand new account, so if they ban it, it won't be main, just in case (of course I don't know this is 100% safe, so do it on your own risk).
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    Sounds a bit risky to me! lol. I have been getting on fine with the 2 accounts using google play to switch between them for the last 5 years..... just not sure what has changed from yesterday to make it stop working...

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    Can't shift between accounts

    I have two accounts, both connected to separate google account. Since this morning, when I open Clash, it starts with one of the accounts. When I try to shift to another one using google disconnect-connect button, it shows me the list of accounts. But, when I choose another account from the list, nothing happens. Previuosly the window appeared with the question 'are you sure you want to download another base with th13?', but now only circling ring appears

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    i got this issue too
    Made a post too but somehow mine needs to be approved by a moderator

    Try on Wi-Fi. I can switch accounts on Wi-Fi but not mobile data

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    I tried to uninstall-download clash and it didn't help. I also created a new account using the third gmail address and it works correct. So I can shift between my th11 and th2 accounts, but still cannot shift to my th13 account ((

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    I have the exact same issue since this morning. I did post in general but looks like i shoild have come here first! Have you guys managed to get it fixed?

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    ETA: Me too - Merged
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    I logged on now to see if anyone else had the issue.

    I have many accounts yet one I haven't been able to log into since last night, all others are fine. Google Play. No. I'm not a Fresh Spawn, I've been doing this for years.

    It's a dead mini so it's not that big of a deal but still, it's a TH10 with near 30/30 heroes so I don't want to just give it up! Plus it has a really cool obstacle collection.

    I know SC doesn't want to set the precedent of solving tech issues on this forum but if they want to check it out....

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    I've had some problems changing accounts. Problem comes and goes and I did see it slow down today.
    I have 17 but I did get through them. From time to time Google Play gets slow.
    If I had two accounts, I would change to Supercell ID but you need to read the tutorial before doing it.
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