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    Quote Originally Posted by jcjn View Post
    i got this issue too
    Made a post too but somehow mine needs to be approved by a moderator

    Try on Wi-Fi. I can switch accounts on Wi-Fi but not mobile data

    Yes same issue with mine

    I can switch accounts with WIFI but not on 4G
    My 4G has no speed issues with other Android apps. Just Clash of Clans.
    Problem started after last optional update i think

    If u have problem switching accounts, try changing to a WIFI connection.

    I am also on supercell ID
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    right behind you
    Quote Originally Posted by cwong2910 View Post
    I am also on supercell ID
    Is your issue in switching between gplay villages or are all your villages saved with scid?
    Regarding issue on mobiel data i can tell you that mine works fine.

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    Google play game release a new update which fix the problem, thanks for response guys!

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    Finally fixed. Problem on Google's end.
    I truly believe the recruitment tool will improve over time. Please read my posts on this topic not as complaints, but as a polite request for improvement. Often I include a suggestion, or an observation of an existing function that could improve the tool.
    Before we throw the baby out with the bath, I would like to remind you that recruiting in global was no picnic either. Mostly hoppers, very few serious players.

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