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Thread: Town Hall 13 Looking for Clan War League

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    Town Hall 13 Looking for Clan War League

    While my time spent in my current clan has been great, we are struggling to find new members to keep up with the loss of current ones. With that being said, I am looking for a clan that will allow me to participate in wars. I am currently a Town Hall 13 that came from a Maxed Town Hall 12 (Walls and everything). I use air attacks almost 100% of the time. I also have a near maxed Builder Hall Level 8 for those that care (I hate the builder hall). If you're interested in having me, send me your clan ID and I will stop by to check it out. Oh, I also have 5000+ Trophies in the main village and 3500+ in the builder village.
    Level 215
    Town Hall 13
    Looking For Clan

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    War Brawlers l - #J8PGUV92 now recruiting!

    About us : A great blend of competitive but chilled clash addicted youngsters and adults. We currently run high efficiency 20v20 wars (most of which we win) and are always open for expansion. War log : 137-77-5

    What we offer : ●Stress free and mature environment ●back 2 back competitive wars ●Max tier rewards in the clan games every time ●A well structured and organized clan system ●Base building guides and tons of anti 3 layouts to choose from ●Strategy guide and instant in-house help for war/push attacks

    You should join if you : ●Are mature (age doesn't really matter for you to be mature, that's what we believe) ●Speak english fluently (Communication is the key!) ●Appreciate the game ●Are serious about war and seek an organized clan ●Are willing to improve your game. Mention age & location upon arrival

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    This thread

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    Mutant X | War Clan | Level 10 | TH9+ | Mature/Adult | War, Games, CWL

    Casual-Competitive Multi-Clan Network Organized Safe & Fair Play
    40v40 & 50v50 Wars 85% Win-Rate Max Donations Mature/Adult

    Wars M, W, Sa @ 3pm PT (UTC-7)

    Join Discord & follow instructions @
    in-game join requests not accepted
    Clan Tag: #28P220JCV
    Recruiting unrushed TH levels 9+: TH9, TH10, TH11, TH12

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    WichitA (Level 20) Clan Tag #20RJ29PL. Adults War Clan/CWL/Max Clan Game. We are primarily USA based plus some International . We're Fairplay clan. No Kids. No Drama. No pressure to 3*. Fun and relaxing environment but yet competitive during war. War back to back with option to opt out. No app to download but we do have discord server you are welcome to swing by and chat with us. Mention Muoi sent you or from forum in request to join. Have a great day!!!!!

    WichitA (Level 20) Clan Tag #20RJ29PL
    Discord Link
    Wichita Family of 4 Clans Recruiting Thread
    Thanks to TerMinus Prime for the awesome sig/avatar!

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    The swamp! Where else :)
    Sent you a PM...

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    Hey there!

    We are a recently formed, Level 4 English speaking clan that currently ranges from TH13 to TH5. We have just over 20 members and are looking for active players to join and help grow the clan even more! We participate in Clan Wars, Clan Games, Clan League, donate troops and exchange war secrets!
    You would compliment our TH13 very nicely!

    We are mainly UK based but have members from all over the globe :-).

    We tend to enter everybody into the Leagues so that we all get some medals at the end, although you are only selected to battle if flag is green :-)

    We now also also manage to hit top tier on Clan Games.

    Daily 'attack my base' challenges. Friendly group that would love to have you on board.

    Our clan name is ParviEnimForti #29C00JPV2 - check us out and hope to see you soon x

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    We are all th13 clan. Drop by if you want to check us. Mention aska sent you in your request.

    Noble Nines #2rjgpv0

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    IGN: Aska, BK level 70 AQ level 70 Warden level 50
    Recruiting TH13s with near max hero levels
    Noble Nines Clan Code: #2RJGPV0

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    My name is kirby my name is BLOODREINA69 on clash. I'm 26 #C20UJ98Q nor saints level 5 check us we are active and fun in chat .we could use another th13
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    Late to the party, but you sound like a great fit.

    We're an adult war clan based in the US. We war nonstop, activity and donations are great, and we're a mix of competitive and laid back.

    We use a good mix of air and ground, although we'll see how TH13 changes things. I also hate builder hall, although that 6th builder has been great. Feel free to come by and check us out, maybe do a few wars with us.

    Veni Vidi Vici
    DaHolla - #2QC2CL8U0
    Veni Vidi Vici - #P98L89UV

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