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    What was changed with ice wizards?

    From the maintenance break

    Maintenance 12/12 - Fixes!

    Hey Chiefs!

    Maintenance break inbound! See the list of fixes below:

    • We will do the "scrambling" of layouts for players with Defensive Buildings still on the outer edges of the Village;
    • Fix Ice Wizard being too weak;
    • Fix Royal Champion using incorrect sound effects;
    • Fix TH13 offer pack showing a TH12 image.
    • Fix the rubble shown when a Lab is destroyed being mispositioned.
    • And general server upkeep!

    The stats are exactly the same as before so what was the fix?
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    Now they will be OP.

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    Guess it was the issue that at th12 ice wizard lv9 has lower stats then ice wizard lv9 at th13. Current stats at th13 ice wiz hasnt changed.

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