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Thread: Old School Clasher Looking for Active Clan

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    Old School Clasher Looking for Active Clan

    Finally left my clan that slowly went extinct over the past year or two and would like to get back into wars and progressing in the game. I have two bases (10/11) that are not rushed with appropriate level troops, heroes and spells. I really only know old school tactics ...the last time I was active in wars TH 10 was as high as you could go! I know nothing about siege machines, electro dragons, etc. but am willing to learn, accept constructive criticism and I donate non stop. I am looking for an adult group that is active in all aspects of the game... thanks OogaBooga

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    We're a new clan and we start our first our tonight (battle day); we would love to have you so please take a look at our thread above and if you're intrigued you can feel the vibes of our discord server. We could grow together.

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    War Brawlers l - #J8PGUV92 now recruiting!

    About us : A great blend of competitive but chilled clash addicted youngsters and adults. We currently run high efficiency 20v20 wars (most of which we win) and are always open for expansion. War log : 137-77-5

    What we offer : ●Stress free and mature environment ●back 2 back competitive wars ●Max tier rewards in the clan games every time ●A well structured and organized clan system ●Base building guides and tons of anti 3 layouts to choose from ●Strategy guide and instant in-house help for war/push attacks

    You should join if you : ●Are mature (age doesn't really matter for you to be mature, that's what we believe) ●Speak english fluently (Communication is the key!) ●Appreciate the game ●Are serious about war and seek an organized clan ●Are willing to improve your game. Mention age & location upon arrival

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    💀Skull Brawlers 💀| #LQJO2282 | We Brawl For Stars!!

    Tap Or Click Here For More

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    METALLIC RAIN #9Y2R9LR We are looking TH9+(Strong Players) and Rebuilding our Lvl17 Clan. Reason only because We are bunch of 3-4 people with more accounts! All we need to gain more people and active chats! We are very strong in wars and we take it serious! Mostly we are TH12s and TH11s! Please do dm me or join by saying from SC Forum!
    IGN: Hunz | Leader of Metallic Rain | Status: TH10 Heroes Lvl 35+ | Kik username: Hunzkrazy

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    Hey ooga, experienced, well seasoned clan here. Plenty to help you learn and grow. Clan name and tag in signature below. Good times waiting!
    Wizard's Duel, #PGLP0802, Mark/Pope Vader, Warsmith Alliance Clan,

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    Hey, Cornwall's war #80QJVP9G would take you. Love to hear when people can accept constructive criticism, we will bring you up to date and will take both your accounts if interested.

    If joining say you're from forums or risk rejection

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    CAESARS BOYZ, as well as our other clan, is a US based clan, with the main clan that was formed back in May 2015 by a group of friends wanting to have fun with the game. Many have since left to pursue other interests, but the core leadership has stuck around, and we share a common goal to keep on making our clan much better over time. We’re always looking to have more people, larger wars, and more clan games participation. Your membership will allow for that to happen.

    Below are the different clans both related to one another. For more details, click the different colored labels to take you to clashofstats.

    Main Clan - LV 14 - Gold I (#YPU22PYG)
    The main clan members are all generally laid back. We all have lives outside the game too, so while we aren’t as active as other clans, we do take pride in what we do. If you don’t see people talking in the chat, or online for that matter, don’t fret. As for war, we start war twice a week on Tuesday and Friday nights, and occasionally Sunday nights, all at around 10:30pm EST, unless a war event goes on, then we do back to back. Our war log isn’t the greatest, but many of our losses were from the first year of the clan’s inception. We’ve been winning more wars ever since.

    Sister Clan - LV 12 - Crystal III (#QCCYOROR)
    We have a sister clan, also called CAESARS BOYZ, looking for members too, so be sure to give them a look. This clan runs on similar rules to the main clan, with war on a more tentative schedule. It’s a more family friendly clan than the main clan, so do watch your language over there, as bad language is not tolerated.

    Both clans are looking for TH10+. And yes, both have have Siege Machines, though we always welcome more TH12+ to help donate!

    Pre-requisites for joining our clans:

    • Must be at least TH10, and not badly rushed. A few things not upgraded won’t penalize you; just don’t have glaring flaws with your base or troop levels.
    • No war timers. You will be rejected if you have one.
    • Do not request troops upon joining. We don't like hoppers.
    • Mention this forum post or the name Dardanius in your join request. Most default requests will be ignored.
    • Trophy Requirements: 1500/200 for the main clan, 2000 for the Sister Clan

    Clan Rules:

    • English is a must.
    • Please do your part and donate. We're not strict about ratios, but make sure you’re not leeching off of people. And please, donate the right stuff to people. If you don’t have it, leave the request alone for others to donate.
    • Be respectful of others.
    • Don’t ask for ranks. Elder will be given out to players for good war participation and overall activity in the clan. Co-leader is for those deemed worthy of helping to lead the clan.
    • Do your part in Clan Games. It takes more than 5 people to max out points, and every bit helps. Earn at least 1000 points per clan games. You're encouraged to earn more of course.
    • War is optional, but we encourage that you opt in! If you aren’t in war, just make sure you’re actively donating and participating in clan games when they happen.
    • War Rules
      • Make sure to follow the war protocol, which is sent via clan mail before Battle Day (this tells you what your targets will be). Do not attack your recommended target before reading the clan mails. If no mail is sent, then attack your mirror first.
      • Do both attacks in war. If you opt into war, you’ve committed to both attacks.
      • Failure to do the two rules above may result in suspension from war. I understand missing one attack if you get caught up with something, but make sure it’s reasonable. Forgetting to attack is not an acceptable excuse.
      • New members will be withheld from war until the "New" tag is gone.
      • Leave the war Clan Castles to the higher up.

    • Sister only: No foul language
    • Most importantly, have fun!

    Main Account: Darkwind™ | Alt Account: DARDANIUS

    Clan: CAESARS BOYZ (LV 14 - Gold II)

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    Mutant X | War Clan | Level 10 | TH9+ | Mature/Adult | War, Games, CWL

    • Casual-Competitive • Multi-Clan Network • Organized • Safe & Fair Play
    • 40v40 & 50v50 Wars • 85% Win-Rate • Max Donations • Mature/Adult

    Wars M, W, Sa @ 3pm PT (UTC-7)

    Join Discord & follow instructions @
    in-game join requests not accepted
    Clan Tag: #28P220JCV —
    Recruiting unrushed TH levels 9+: TH9, TH10, TH11, TH12

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