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Thread: Look/Design changes to TH11 and TH12

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    Look/Design changes to TH11 and TH12

    Supercell, I would really appreciate your time to read and consider my suggestions as I believe they'll improve the overall quality and finish to the game.

    BASIS: Have noticed in the latest th13 update that the game is going away from its medieval theme which the game has been based around since launch (Wizards, barbarians, dragons etc.). In my opinion, a lot of the design of new buildings and troops have seemed more cartoonish than menacing and medieval. For example, the new hero whilst having a spear it still diverts from the theme and seems cartoonish rather than say a knight hero which is an idea my friend and I have thought of.

    Desired changes TH11: colour theme alteration
    - increased continuity of colour theme across buildings and troops
    - TH11 theme to have little to no red as in my opinion the red and yellow is a not a very atheistically pleasing combination on a base we've worked on for years and want to feel satisfaction and pride from.
    - NEW THEME - WHITE/GOLD/WIZ TOWER PURPLE - have defences such as lvl 14/15 cannons and lvl 9/10 mortars etc to have more along this design with the stone type base that is seen on both the level 10 wiz tower and the th11 with less or no lava and possibly white and gold or white and wiz tower purple.
    - an example of the type of design that I would like to see in th11 more is the lvl 12 gold storage.

    TH12: Changes to design of defences, lab and possibly storages.
    - In my opinion the th12 is that it looks very cartoonish especially the lab which features a bright yellow screw on the top which is a stark contrast with lower town halls that have electricity or flames that look much more menacing and less childish.

    I'm sure i'll likely have more to add when I remember but this is the basic idea of what I would really want to see changed in the game currently. Thank you for reading.

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    I don't see them going back to previous levels and redesign several things. Especially considering that those designs been around for a while now.

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    I would only give a bit more detail to Lvl 6 and Lvl 7 X-bows, because they look meh.
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    Stop being such a non-bh9 and upgrade already.

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    CORRECTION: lvl 9 mortar is exactly the type of design all th11 defences should follow.

    And yes, Icebird, I do highly doubt myself they would change existing designs but just thought worth a try as its not entirely new theme just editing to the th11 look to make it look more refined.

    Appreciate the replies.
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