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Thread: Pink movie ticket glitch.

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    Pink movie ticket glitch.

    I usually get four or five movie tickets daily, but since yesterday I can watch one, and when I click on the second, it always glitches out and shuts down.

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    Hi Beachgirl16. I had a similar problem. So did "AngH" who thought it might be due to their new iPad. Since I recently bought a new iPad as well, I tried using my iPhone. I was able to get the pink tickets on the iPhone. Do you also have a new iPad?

    I tried reporting this new information to the in-game help, hoping they would pass it on to the tech team. Instead I got back a standard response that they had already replied on this issue and wouldn't speak to me about it again.

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    I only play on my iPhone. I seem to be having several issues on my farm.

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    I periodically have those "glitching out" issues when trying to watch trailers on both my iPhone and iPad. They've been happening for years on my phone. I just got my iPad recently over Labor Day holiday. To me, the glitching out only seems to happen with specific trailers. After glitching out, the movie ticket does appear again later on, but many times it just glitches out again. Whether I'm ever successful in being able to watch it and get the reward is not that big an issue for me tho, I guess.

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