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Thread: Beta Minion overkill

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    Beta Minion overkill

    I have had an issue where the Beta Minion in Long Shot status would fire on a building that its previous attack would have destroyed anyway, effectively wasting one Long Shot attack. Could this be adressed by making it retarget when it throws the finishing spit instead of when the building is demolshed?

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    That would make Mass Beta Minion strategy too powerful and change the balance of the game. I have seen Mass Beta Minion strategy where attackers snipe off building like Sneaky Archer only it is done with Beta Minion. But like Sneaky Archer, it will often waste the last attack as the building is destroyed before the next attack reach it.

    P.S. I used Minion Drop strategy a lot, and had seen Minion wasted it last attack on destroyed buildings countless of time.

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    As someone who uses minions all the time this would be amazing but I can’t see it happening.

    Besides the fact that it would be a big boost to the beta minion, I imagine it would be really difficult to program, given that the troop would have to know that the building is about to get destroyed from incoming attacks, before it actually gets destroyed.

    Edit: it’ goes both ways, firecrackers and air bombs regularly send out an extra attack that essentially hits nothing most of the time as its previous attack was the one that killed the troop. So if they changed one they’d have to change the other and they would probably just cancel each other out so there wouldn’t be much dif
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