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Thread: Reverse Order of Items in Barn

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    Lightbulb Reverse Order of Items in Barn

    I would prefer to have the lower count items show first when checking the barn. Currently it shows the items with the highest count first. Which works the best when you are selling items in your shop. I like to check my barn to see which items I am low on so that I can make some. It is ver annoying to have to scroll all the way to the bottom.


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    I would like it better if there were a button that I could press to reverse the order. I like looking in my barn to plan what to sell because it is harder to accidentally sell something that I don't want to sell when I am browsing in my barn.

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    I agree Susanna. A button to switch between High counts first or Low counts first would be great for me, too. Then whether I am selling or producing it would be a quick way to see the barn contents.

    Sheltie, welcome to the forum. Until we have such a feature, you can see how much of each product you have at the machine itself. If you tap to see what is made on a particular machine you see all the products. If you tap on the product you will see a #. That is how many you currently have stored in your barn. I will warn you that occasionally I have had the item go into the production queue when checking. Thank you for your suggestion.
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    They could take a page from ClashRoyale here. One single button, easy and clean. Tapping it toggles the sorting: Quantity, Quantity Reversed, By Machine, Alphabetical, By Functional Grouping (tools, products, etc).

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    Different sorting preference(s) or a scroll bar, Id be happy with anything. Where Id like to see it most is when selling at my RSS because I noticed on my phone items are displayed in 2 columns requiring much more scrolling than my iPad which displays in 3 columns. I assume thats due to screen size limitations? When tapping on barn/silo on iPhone, items display in 4 columns vs iPad only displays in 3. Maybe the #items you can produce/grow is also a factor when viewing that way (only use my iPad to play my baby farm)?

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    I would be happy with a button to reverse the sorting option! LOL

    And yes I know that you can check quantities at each machine. What I don’t like about that is I often end up making items that will cause a shortage of essential items like dairy or sugar. Then when I move to a different machine I see that I have a lower count of a different item and no butter, cheese etc to make more. At least if I check the barn I can make the lowest count items first.

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