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Thread: [Recruiting] Syrius | TH10+| Level 7 Clan | Chill War Clan

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    [Recruiting] Syrius | TH10+| Level 7 Clan | Chill War Clan


    Hi everyone, we are a few old players who used to play this game about 2 years ago. The bunch of us decided to come back and give it another go. We've been at it for about 6 months + now and have been doing really well.

    We are looking for enthusiastic players to expand the clan. We are looking forward to growing with you!
    Here's a little bit about our clan:

    We are a group of war enthusiasts. If you're looking to build a clan with a friendly bunch of people who are passionate about Wars, this is it! I would say we are decent at 3-star strategies and are not rushed (only non-rushed players are put into war unless we need fillers). We have a pretty green war log with many perfect wars! Currently 87W-11L. Syrius is currently Crystal 3 in CWL. We also have people from all over the world in here but leadership is from Malaysia. If you are looking at being more than just a member in our clan, we do give promotions if you contribute to the clan as well (if you actually care about that kind of stuff ). We are a chill war clan, so we do want people who knows how to have fun and doesn't take wars too seriously but can kick a$$ as well. We also have access to max sieges!

    Although we have members from all over, we do prefer people who are near to the Malaysian/Singaporean time zone for the team to be in sync.

    Our humble requirements :

    • TH10 and above players (at least 30/30 heroes for th10)
    • English Speaking
    • participation in war / clan games / events
    • Familiar with 3 star war attack strategies
    • Uses an anti-3 war base design or is willing to switch to one
    • Willing to learn and improve
    • No rushed bases / heroes / troops
    • uses all attacks during war
    • Follows the strategy given for war
    • Is able to use Discord

    Our clan tag : #2RQ2VR89

    If you are interested, join our discord server quickly! We'll see you there
    The discord server link:
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