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Thread: Need FWA Clan

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    Need FWA Clan

    I am th12 5 stars now.looking for fwa clan to max my base.

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    New start-up active war clan here! I am looking for players who are dedicated, active, friendly, and competitive. This clan is mainly for clan wars, clan war leagues, and clan games. Check out the description if you decide to join. Minimum townhall requirement is townhall 7, and minimum trophies are 1200. Here’s the clan tag #2P0GYLGGR. The clan name is Forged in Fire. I hope to see you soon!

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    Hi Kunal47 We are an official FWA can and have started working on a second. We have many players doing the something your looking to do " max out th13" so come on over an check us out. Immortal Rising #28Q99Ql0Q. Say I sent you from forums. If we are full friend request leader to get an invite.

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    Join us at ONE_PIECE, clan tag is #LYGJ8QRL. We're a level 12 clan currently rebuilding, feel free to pop by and we hope to welcome you to the clan. English speaking, international clan.

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