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Thread: War League Calculator?

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    War League Calculator?

    Hi, I'm currently leading a clan but I wanna check the league of my clan. My clan has not started a CWL yet and i want to see what league I would be in if I started it. Anyone can help?
    P.S. I wanna cheese bronze 3

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    There isnt a calculator, but if you state the heaviest 15 you will be using, then people can give you a good idea on what league you will seeded into.
    For Bronze 3, you probably would need all real low halls, prob TH6 and below..

    You sure you want that low tho?..
    Anything below gold, and all you have to do is show up to win, if you have a few heavier accounts, or can play a bit, and the medals are rubbish..
    I can understand if you are wanting to start in the basement, then work up, so you can say "been there, done it", but the early months are going to be a real bore fest.

    Also be aware, that initial season, for getting placed in a tier, you wont have anything decent at your disposal, if you want to sandbag the start..
    Any big boys wont be able to be enrolled until the second season.. Is what we done when cwl was rolled out.

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    As JoshGD has stated above, you can't choose which league you are placed in. The placement is determined by the defensive strength of the top bases you take in war. So, make sure you don't take strong bases of inactive people!

    If you take a look at the chart on this post from Onyx, you can make an educated guess as to where you would be placed:

    One of your previous posts makes interesting reading, on a very similar topic

    From the look of your new clan however, you will be placed quite low (just need to get at least 15 people in though)

    Good luck!

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