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Thread: No more town visitor derby tasks

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    No more town visitor derby tasks

    Has anyone else noticed that there are no more town visitor derby tasks? What’s going on?

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    That is about all we have had today. We have had both townie task baskets, Cowboys, mechanics, teachers and salesman. A few of those more than once. We have also had several building specific town tasks, and regular train tasks.

    We have only had 3 boat tasks come up and only one of those was 320 points.
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    It seems like a large portion of our tasks are always town tasks . I’m not a fan.


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    I did 4 town visitor derby task this derby. My fav task

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beachgirl16 View Post
    Has anyone else noticed that there are no more town visitor derby tasks? What’s going on?
    Nope. I had five in a row in last week's Mystery Derby and have had a few on the board so far for the current derby (of course, I would never voluntarily complete those).

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    I took a Fully serve 9 strongman in the town yesterday and completed it this morning. My neighbors now have: 1 serve 16 town visitors in the Gift shop, and 1 fully serve 9x actress tasks
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    Wow. There must be a glitch in our neighborhood then, because this is the second derby in a row where we have had not a single town related task.

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    I am under the assumption that these tasks are generated randomly, but in our case, something is wrong. Statistically, considering that this is the second derby in a row that we have gotten none, no matter how many tasks have been completed or eliminated, we should have at least had a few. We get none whatsoever. Tons of boat, visitor help, mining, and fishing tasks, but no town visitor tasks.

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    We had LOTS of town tasks in this derby, mostly specific town visitors or buildings

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    We had town derby tasks. Town tasks are some of my favorite. Did people take them before you could get them? That stinks if you like the town tasks but you are not getting them. I imagine it would be unrealistic to be able to pick the types of derby tasks we get (instead of it randomly generating them) but in my dreams we could and I would want mostly townie tasks.
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