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Thread: can you increase the dark elix won from a war attack.. please?

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    can you increase the dark elix won from a war attack.. please?

    I just did a war attack that cost me 2030 DE (my normal army cost). I am a TH9 and hit 2 TH9s, won 1932 and 2093 DE. Looking at recent wars, about the highest I could win on a 9 was 2254. Why is it a break-even deal? It'd be nice if there was a bit of a net gain.

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    Whereas I can see your point, war isnt about farming resources..
    The war log seems to have devalued due to the success of cwl, but is still the primary reason for doing random spin IMV..

    I think multi player is there to generate funds for war, and war is to generate the green list that potential new members look for..

    If you also fill all war cc's on the map, and donate the war troops to fill the days requests, then you dont even notice the cost of that army..
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