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Thread: Clone spell needs buff

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    Clone spell needs buff

    I feel like clone spell is one of the least used spell and because of its 3 housing space, people can't donate it also. I feel like it needs to be buffed as most of the other spell are buffed or new levels are added but clone spell is not buffed from a very long time. May be make it's housing space as 2 or a added level. I don't know if people find it useful even in ED attack anymore.

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    I don't know how others. But I clone spell use past 2 years every time when attack and happy with that.
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    Soon something happen

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    Love the clone spell. Use it all the time. Electrone is really strong

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    A clanmate has been sharing replays of double clone drag loon 3*. Granted these are maxed troops th13 vs th12 in legends today. But seemed fine to me

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