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Thread: [Game Suggestion] Auto-Train Donated Troops (With Toggle)

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    [Game Suggestion] Auto-Train Donated Troops (With Toggle)

    Suggestion: Add a toggle that allows the player to select whether to auto-build donated troops. If the donated troop comes from your camps, then the game will automatically start building its replacement if the toggle for auto-build is set to on.

    Argument for:
    It's a bit tedious when donating often to constantly go from the donation screen back to the troop training screen to build the same troops you just gave. I find myself constantly going back to the quick train list and making sure of what my composition numbers are. It would be nice if this somewhat frustrating and tedious scenario was improved by allowing me to choose whether or not to automatically build what I donate.

    I know about the 1-gem donations, I love it, and use it frequently. Overall, I probably spend more gems using that feature than I would at full price, but it's a great seasonal reward. I don't believe that I would use that feature less if this toggle for auto-build was implemented. Overall what I believe it would do is allow me to spend more time on the game doing other things instead of worrying about how much I am donating compared to what I need to rebuild to attack. I think everyone would be able to attack more, and be more willing to donate knowing their camps will remain full.
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    This thread
    I like this

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatanaMaster12 View Post
    I like this
    That is a real QOL improvement.

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    Sounds like a great idea.

    That, and/or an extra queue specifically for troops we want to donate, separate from the one we’re using to make our own armies? (For custom-training troops I’m not currently using.) Right now, I delete 30-45 troop space, line up valks, (for example), move them to the front, wait six minutes, donate, put my own troops back. If someone else donates, I delete the troops, but that’s six minutes wasted.

    I’d love to pre-make and donate frequently requested troops (using my own resources when I have a lot and want to save gems for something else).

    I’d still value the one-gem donations as well, when resources are tight or if troops are being trained but I need to donate immediately for a war attack or something.

    Thanks for the pic, Katana! (And Tahoe for getting a working link, lol.)

    I still need a new quote, though. Waiting for just the right one.

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