Currently, if a player goes to “Help and Support” but doesn’t find their issue addressed under any of the published FAQ topics or a match with any of the Player Response options using Supercell Automated Support, they find themselves just navigating in circles, unable to contact SC, and frustrated because their issue remains unresolved. Players responding that information was not helpful on a given FAQ topic just because they weren’t able to contact SC may taint that topic’s statistics. One example is reporting a suspected bot farm. Players can contact SC support out-of-game via the webform, but an in-game option would be easier.

Proposed Solution:

Add/revise Player Response options under “Contact Us” (Supercell Automated Support):

  1. Add “Report Suspected Bot Farm”-this should prompt the player to include any picture(s) and a description of what they observed (plus any additional info SC deems helpful to their investigation). This option should be listed in the same section with “Report a Player” to avoid confusion between the two.
  2. Replace “Something else” with “None of the Above”-this should prompt the player to describe their problem with the acknowledgement that a support agent will get back to them soon. Reserve “Something else” for listing Player Responses that may be added in the future instead of directing the player back to the published FAQ topics or to the forum website.

Add the following at the very bottom of the published FAQ topics:
“Don’t See My Issue Here”-this should guide the player to two links:

  1. Forum website-as another resource and a place to leave feedback
  2. “Contact Us”-should initiate Supercell Automated Support. With the addition of #2 above, the player would be able to contact SC via in-game support for assistance.