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Thread: is farming dead

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    is farming dead

    I havent farmed in a year or so, but i am now to upgrade my th13 account, ive cycled through champs down to gold and am not finding any dead bases, it used be pretty easy to find dead bases if patient enough. Is this probably to persuade us to by the gold pass, im finding it hard to keep up without buying it at the moment.

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    I'm finding a few in Cystal and I'm a TH 11. They're there; you'll just have to continue looking. Try raiding at a different time of day.

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    Big new update. Lots of people active. Less dead bases in short term.
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    @OP , In continuation to previous comment , either wait patiently and next a lot , you will find a base
    or for short period of time push little higher and look for loot

    this will continue for a week or two. Since this a big update , it will take time for economy to go back to normal

    Quote Originally Posted by Klavious View Post
    Big new update. Lots of people active. Less dead bases in short term.

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    Or you could try attacking live bases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesHowlet View Post
    Or you could try attacking live bases.
    I am with James on this. I have never in my entire time playing clash (max th12 until the update dropped and now working on 13) tried to farm using deaders. Why would anyone not consider going after live bases but instead think of buying things instead?
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