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Thread: Need a new clan

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    Oct 2019
    United Kingdom
    Hey there!

    You have quite a few bases! Nice. All of them would compliment our clan nicely and would love to have even 1 of them.

    We are a recently formed, Level 4 English speaking clan that currently ranges from TH13 to TH5. We have just over 20 members and are looking for active players to join and help grow the clan even more! We participate in Clan Wars, Clan Games, Clan League, donate troops and exchange war secrets!

    We are mainly UK based but have members from all over the globe :-).

    We tend to enter everybody into the Leagues so that we all get some medals at the end, although you are only selected to battle if flag is green :-)

    We now also also manage to hit top tier on Clan Games.

    Daily 'attack my base' challenges. Friendly group that would love to have you on board.

    Our clan name is ParviEnimForti #29C00JPV2 - check us out and hope to see you soon x

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    We are New Brits! An adult only clan with a mature and relaxed nature but also an organised level 16 international war clan. We are UK-based so we work around GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) but have many international members from the US, Europe, and Asia so there will always be someone online to donate. We're currently looking to further strengthen our War and CWL lineups and I believe that you would be an excellent addition to our clan.

    The Specifics:
    Clan Wars: We typically war 3 times per week. Everyone may opt in or out as you wish but we ask that you go Red if upgrading heroes or if you'll be too busy to get in both attacks.

    Clan Games: We have completed the top tier in every Games.

    CWL: We currently fight with mostly TH 13/12s. We try to rotate people that are interested in fighting in CWL through a sign up prior to the start based on everyone's availability. We are currently in Masters II.

    What We Are Looking For From You:
    Must be over the age of 18
    Be able to download our clan app Band (we use this for discussing war strategies and keeping in touch outside the game)
    Be active
    Use both war attacks

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. If you're interested, mention that Stark sent you from the forum when you request. Clan Tag - #8JY22YJL

    Clan: New Brits ~ Lvl 16 ~ UK/International ~ Adults Only
    Check out our Clan Recruitment Thread Here
    Questions about New Brits? Ask on Discord Here
    Questions not New Brits related? PM me or Message me on Discord Here
    TH 13 Lvl 198 Heroes: 68/65/42/6 #2VURP90QR
    TH9 Lvl 106 Heroes: 26/25 #YGRQLQYUY

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    Absent Doom

    Clan War League: Crystal League I

    Clan Level 12

    Clan Tag: #JV08U0PJ

    CWL: Best Townhalls get priority.

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    Hey, if you're still looking Cornwall's war #80QJVP9G would take you, we're masters 2ish i think. Lvl 19 UK based strictly adult war clan. If you have any questions just reply to me, but I only check this once or twice a day just so ya know

    We wouldn't be interested in all your accounts though, realize that may be a deal breaker
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    Hey there we are accepting anyone

    Come check us out #PU09LVJU

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    Happy Holidays from the P.R.I.S.M Clash Alliance!!! If you are searching for a new home and a family to clash with, we have 2 options for you and ALL your accounts!

    PRISM - LEVEL 16 [#8YC8PP88]
    Main clan requirements:
    - English speaking only
    - Strictly adults only
    - Confident war attacker
    - TH11 (80 combined hero’s)
    - TH12 (100 combined hero’s)
    - TH13 (150 combined hero’s)

    Second extension clan welcomes:
    - English speaking only
    - Strictly adults only
    - TH10 maxed or near maxed only!
    - TH11 (80 combined hero’s)
    - TH12 (100 combined hero’s)
    - TH13 (120 combined hero's)

    We run CWL in three clans meaning everyone who’s interested can be part of it, no one gets left out! We ALWAYS achieve MAX tier on clan games and WAR CONSTANTLY, you can opt out whenever necessary. No war pressure, just follow the war plan and use both attacks accordingly.

    We have a TELEGRAM group where we chat (it’s much easier than the in game keyboard and keeps your number private). It is mandortory for war as we discuss and post war plans there. You can find us here

    We are a very active and competitive group, we like to win; however we play this game for fun alongside our busy schedules and jobs. Thanks to both clans being international (mostly USA/UK), and over thirty five th12s & th13s donations are never left hanging and we friendly challenge for practice, there’s always room for improvement!

    If either clan sounds like the right clan for you, just mention ‘Lea in forums’ upon joining or join our telegram recruiting link!

    For any interest in clans merging, please add Lea (LeaAtPrism) or Grim (daGrimClasher92) on Telegram to discuss further.

    Lea #2RQ9VUPV2
    Grim #22YQVU22Y
    (Our main accounts are currently based in Trojan)

    For those who have discord you can join our server here!

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