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    Cool Special Holiday Diamond Offers with Decorations!

    We have added three limited-time diamond packages! Each one comes with a special decoration. What better opportunity than now to stock up on diamonds! But be quick, these packages are only available for a short time!


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    Nick, the items look wonderful! Could they be displayed on Greg’s farm so we can tell if the music box is really the same size as one of our rabbits?

    Pardon my Scrooge-like reply. I will probably buy all three, but not until I can see what the scale is. If they had appeared on Greg’s farm when the Advent gifts appeared, we would have all gotten excited, discussed when/where they would be available, and generally been looking forward to this offer. This has happened in the past and we have depended on farmer friends’ forum posts to let us know what the items actually look like. This is one of those little things that seems like it ought to have made it onto a diamond-deco-offer checklist (makin’ a list, check in’ it twice) somewhere.

    I do need diamonds, and I’m looking forward to seeing these displayed. Wait...are they in Greg’s town? (...rushing back to check...)

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