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Thread: When will we have another BINGO derby?

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    When will we have another BINGO derby?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any educated guesses about when the next BINGO derby will be?

    I only need one more BINGO derby to get my last 3 lines for the achievement. I also noticed that when a thread was posted inquiring about a Power derby, we got a Power derby and later a thread was posted inquiring about a Mystery derby followed shortly after by a Mystery derby. Now those two examples might just have been a coincidence, but if so, I'm hoping for another coincidence.

    I've seen postings about people disliking the BINGO derby, so here are my thoughts: The most important thing is to be in the right neighborhood, either all work for the BINGO or all ignore it. This will keep the peace in the neighborhood. The next point is this, if a neighborhood is ignoring the BINGO they are actually at an advantage because they can finish the derby faster and the BINGO tasks don't give any extra points. This means that non-BINGO neighborhoods forgo the extra rewards, but maybe they can finish the derby faster than the neighborhoods I competition with them who might be doing the BINGO. I my opinion, this makes the BINGO derby the safest of the special derbies for Supercell to run because people will either participate in it and like it or ignore it and not be at a disadvantage. Every other special derby has a disadvantage for those who don't like that kind of derby. I admit this assumes that people are in appropriate neighborhoods, but that is a problem the players can work on themselves without intervention from Supercell.

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    Here's hoping

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    Bingo derbies seem to bring about a real sense of teamwork in hoods in my opinion. Even the quiet members seem to communicate more during these events. I think we have only had about 3 bingo derbies since March. Bring it on Supercell!

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