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Thread: CWL Medals calculation

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    CWL Medals calculation

    I have a question as I was expecting to receive 334 medals but instead received 346 medals (not complaining just wanted to understand where my math is wrong)

    We are in Master II

    24 medals per win (we won 6/7)
    10 medals per star (I had 19/21 stars)


    144 plus 190 is 334 vs. 346 received so I am 12 medals short in my calculation. Can anyone provide some insight?

    *analysis does not include any bonus medals

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    This calculation is out of date. Was changed in a previous update. At different levels you get medals for your position in the league at the end of war, and from 20% for 0 stars to 100% for 8 stars.

    Check the wiki for the medals per position:
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    Long time ago they changed the medal rewards. Why havent noticed it?

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    Clan War League medals have not been based on individual star total for quite some time.

    Your medals are based on what your league is and where you place within the league. so first place in M2 is 346 medals for every participant who received 8 or more stars during the week.

    More detail on the wiki:

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    Medals per win was scrapped about six months back, to stop sandbagging and rewards for bench warmers.

    Press the blue "i" info button, top right corner of CWL screen for current rewards calculation.

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