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Thread: Looking for a neighbourhood

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    (Experienced) New Account, level 14, Looking for a neighbourhood

    Hello guys, Iím NotBowser, I have played before but just recently started getting back into the game, I am starting on a new account, Iím am very active and know a lot about the game, I am level 14. I am looking for a very active neighbourhood to do a lot of Derbyís and a neighbourhood which is very supportive and helpful.
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    my neighborhood is called: Helpful Farmers. Tag: # LJQPG98G

    My farm is called: Joy Farm and I am in level 76.

    I have been to several neighborhoods and in many cases they have not treated others very nicely. I got tired of this and have therefore created my own neighborhood.

    You are very welcome to help build a neighborhood that really wants to win Darbys. But first of all it is about sharing, helping and showing respect to everyone.

    Hope to see you in my neighborhood.

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