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Thread: I don't see what the point of the power potion is

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    I don't see what the point of the power potion is

    What am I suppose to do with this? I would honesty like to know because I am sitting on max storage of them and need to use them up somehow.

    There are several problems with it's design:

    1. It only boosts to my research building level, NOT my TH level. I got screwed over using it because I didn't have my research building upgraded to the next level yet, so I gained nothing by using it even though my TH level increased. So what minor utility it might have had by allowing me to fight max level right after TH upgrade is lost by still having to wait for the research building upgrade.

    2. I raid and war with dragons, and I've been using upgrade books from season rewards to do that so there is never any downtime waiting for the next level. I don't even need or necessarily benefit from having higher level lightning spells. So in the main base I simply don't gain anything unless I wanted to mess around with other army compositions. But why would I? What I use works fine for me.

    3. Its pointless in builder base. Even if you were theoretically in the position of having a fully upgraded research building but not having your main army units upgraded yet, you gain nothing by leveraging that for wins because there is no war or loot to collect from raids. So what if you temporarily increase your trophy count by several hundred? You won't be able to reap the benefits of win bonus resources because you won't be able to win a battle after the boost wears off. And even if you timed it to boost yourself to the next resource level and then got your three win bonus, the fact is you are only gaining something like 20k extra gold and elixir for your trouble. Doesnt seem worth the hassle of using an expensive power potion.
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    Best point - sell for price 10 gems and boost spell factory )
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    Soon something happen

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    1. The lab requirement was most likely done on purpose otherwise there would be too much complaints about it helping rushers/engineered bases.

    2. If you do just dragons,that won't be enough unless you support them with rage spells.The potion will help there to have higher level spell if it is available for that level.

    3. Something is better than nothing.It is the only potion apart from the hero potion that works in both villages.

    The potion does give advantages for trophy pushing/farming as new th and more so in wars, since the matchmaker doesn't take into account this at all.

    In short- it is useful for many people even if you don't find it so. You don't have to buy them and can always sell the free ones you get for gems.
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    Today's one of those days when power and hero potions are especially useful.

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    Your points are partially fair but imo power potion and hero potion along with training potion are very useful for me. At least I am happy with their utility.

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