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Thread: Recruiting- Forged In Fire (Active War Clan) 🔥

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    Recruiting- Forged In Fire (Active War Clan) 🔥

    This is a new clan, looking for members who are dedicated, active, competitive, and friendly. Read the description before joining, and I hope to see you in the game. Heres the clan tag: #2P0GYLGGR , (Clan Name: Forged in Fire) Minimum Townhall is TH 7, and at least 1200 trophies
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    Im looking for new recruits to my clan, this forum is the only way to do that right now. The find new members list is broken for me
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    This is a start-up clan, anyone willing to make this clan a dominant force?

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    This is an English speaking clan. I just made this clan like 2 days ago, so Im the only one in it as of right now. I need some people to join so we can get some clan wars established. Every clan starts from somewhere, and I find that as much as I invite people with the find new members list, it doesnt work for me. Who wants to join to make my clan great?

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    Is there not anyone who wants to help out a new clan?

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