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    And definitely better than clouds. I spent 2 years avoiding legends because of clouds, but didnt consider that punishment either because there is plenty of fun to be had in lower leagues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercfovia87 View Post
    Loyal players and customers are not all in Legend League, Legend League is for players who are trying to compete with other skilled players and to reach higher leader board. While doing this, you need to sacrifice some raids and progress since you can only do up to 8 raids a day.

    If your focus is more about season challenge, clan game, completing event, do countless raids, progress faster, then Legends is not for you. You should drop down to Titan and play there.
    Well said!!

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    Itís hard to do challenges. I mean, how do you attack a maxed base with 42 goblins?

    This is the frustration I have and Iím not into the competition part of the game. Iíd just like a flag that maxed my trophies to 4999 and I do not put me in legend league.

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    Legend League is neither a reward nor a punishment. It's simply a different arena to compete in.

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    I've had no issues completing challenges while in legend league. I've also found the loot here is better than any other trophy range I've been in before. I no longer lose loot on defense, I don't have to spend half my day nexting past the empty loot garbage bases. I can log on, do some chat, donate some troops, do a battle, start next army and move on with my life, no longer tied to my phone hitting next for half an hour wasting my time. At the potential of around 8M each and 50k dark (just rounding here) it's easy to save for those 2 week upgrades. My builders stay busy always.

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    For someone like me with two accounts in legends league and very rarely have time to get more then 4 attacks in a day per account, legends is great for farming. I've got 5 accounts I play and try to attack enough to keep my builders busy on the three that aren't in legends, so it seems to me I'm getting a lot more loot per day on the two that are in legends then I used to in titans.
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    I've finished clan games and season challenges every season since they have been released since OBS. Love Legends, never want to go back to the clouds skipping over and over to find a base with loot comparable to what I have in legends right now. No guards or shield to deal with, my base isn't going to be raided and lose over a million in total loot each time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmoore1998 View Post
    Legend League is neither a reward nor a punishment. It's simply a different arena to compete in.
    Agree completely! I accidentally found myself in Legend League a couple weeks ago and have found it to be a completely different style of game play. Some days I get my 8 attacks in and some days I do not. No pressure and I am still advancing and upgrading stuff with books, spells, and cwl hammers. I truly enjoy the no clouds that I heard horror stories of for years from those in the upper levels...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zifrian View Post
    It’s hard to do challenges. I mean, how do you attack a maxed base with 42 goblins?
    If you aren't trying to reach the highest parts of legends and are more interested in challenges, loot, etc. it is pretty easy to attack with 42 goblins.

    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. Click here for answer on how cc troops deploy (hint, it depends) and more info here. How is war map placement of max halls determined you ask, check out threads like this one. Thank you SC for the new legends! However, check this thread on how to fight collusion here.

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    I think legend needs an increase at loot, or increase some attacks, like 12 per day.

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