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Thread: GWL TH11 BatSlap Advice

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    GWL TH11 BatSlap Advice

    Hey guys,
    How would you start funneling the BatSlap Attack on that base? Would you take out the Wizard Towers on the left side first?
    My army looks as follows:

    1x Ice Golem
    13x Witches
    5x Healers
    1x Loon
    2x Wizard
    4x Minions

    I appreciate your help,

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    Well if you are using bats than it is important to note your wiz towers. Notice 3 are clumped together in 9 oclock corner. Then you have 1 next to inferno and one on the backside.

    The back side wiz tower can easily be tanked by either ice g, giant or loons, which means the wiz tower next to the inferno is the one you will want to save frz for.

    The main army should take out other 3 wiz towers and get into eagle artillery.

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