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    Help Please

    I got a new phone, Huawei Y5 lite and I installed hay day but now it loads and then kicks me out. All other games are working so I don't understand why hay day won't work. Please help

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    I’m not sure about the operating system, however, check for any outstanding updates to the operating system. Often a new device has some updates needed.
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    Huawei Y5 lite only have 1GB RAM, to run Hay Day properly you need atleast phone with 2GB RAM. This is happened to my phone as well (xiaomi redmi 1s)

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    Try giving this article a read. The requirements are, according to the article,

    - 0.5 GB of RAM (1 GB or more recommended)
    - Android OS 4.1 or better
    - A screen resolution of 800 x 480

    You should also try uninstalling & reinstalling the game.
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    Sure there are minimum requirement to run the game. But a phone doesn't always run the game alone. The device memory is shared with other apps (even OS) installed on your phone.

    Try freeing some storage (16GB doesn't give you much space for apps in today's technolgies) and try closing other apps before opening Hay Day?

    Does any other apps from Supercell successfully running on that device?
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    Android 8.1 platform quiet heavy on it and only 1gb RAM. Many user complaints about that phone being slow and unable to run games. Hay Day has become a resource hog.

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