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    It would be great if farmers could buy and sell lures in the market. Maybe even to ask from Tom. What do you think?

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    Valley sun tasks really gobbles up the lure collection especially when a player gets repeated fishing tasks. It would help to be able to transfer or buy them via RSS. Otherwise at least raise the Request board limit from 3 to at least 5 or 10. My mini farm got hammered with such sun tasks. Mooching 3 at a time does not help much.

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    You can continue making lures and allow them to stack on the Lure Maker, up to about 50.

    Also, expanding the Tackle box will help greatly.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Yes I’d like the option to buy lures. It would really help with derby fishing tasks.

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    My lure factory is allways working. I have expanded everything that I could, and I allways have lures stackted up at the factory but last week I had 4 fishing quests at the mistery derby and it really sloved me down. Thats when I came up with this idea 😊

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