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Thread: Shadows Arising is recruiting! Lvl 9 war clan

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    Shadows Arising is recruiting! Lvl 9 war clan

    Hey peeps!

    We are recruiting players of any town hall level who are active and loyal.

    The clan was inactive for some time but we are rebuilding it and recruiting players of different levels and styles and we're growing at a good rate!

    General information about the clan:

    •We are an international based war clan who aim for 3stars in both attacks, but don't go crazy and kick people if they don't 3* all the time

    •We war daily

    •War members are preferred, but we don't pressure our members to war and they can opt out of wars whenever they want

    •We help our members in improving attacks and support each other by giving advice •We are fairly active in chat too We are looking for players who:

    •Use both attacks if they are in war

    •Don't attack in wars without all heroes

    •Donate at least half of what they request

    •Have non-rushed bases

    If you are interested in joining a clan and growing with new friendly members, then be sure to check us out!

    Clan tag: #Q029U9JP

    Hope to see you with us soon!

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