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    First of all upgrade TH
    Buy Royal Champion (try to unlock her ability as fast as by may be using builder potions)
    Get new defence buildings
    If you are interested in Yeti then Barracks
    Rest of buildings

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    My plan. I have around 35-37 mil gold and elixir on shield, and 475ish dark. And cc full of loot.

    Hall 12m gold I値l book
    Cc hammer (1 in my bags)
    2 scatter shots 30m gold total (finish with time)
    I値l need to farm a small amount of gold on opening day to put those on.

    Siege workshop hammer (buy with medals after first ones used)
    Lab 10m elixir (gem finish time)
    1 barracks 5m elixir (let time finish as not in a hurry for yeti)
    Warden 12m elixir (book of hero痴)

    Hammer hogs and balloons (use pre purchased and a new one)
    Hammer heal spell.
    New siege machine to level 2 and let time run it

    New hero will take all my dark till maxed most likely.

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    For Firepower:

    For Defense:

    Then Add Scattershot
    Followed by upgrading Canons.

    Why? Mostly in my current league throws EDRAGS, even at war.. Preventing them to grab easy 2star will surely help my clan..

    As we approach being maxed more and more Grounds attacks will surely build up.. Thats the time adding scatter and upgrading canons gets its limelight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tony6c View Post
    I am max th12, with most books and all hammers.

    Upgrade to th13 with Book of Building

    Get Royal Champion
    Upgrade her to 2 with Builder Potions
    3 with Book of Hero and Rune of DE (if need)
    4 with Hammer of Hero (from save)
    5 with Hammer of Hero (buy new)

    Hammer of Building (from save) on the Workshop for Siege Barrack

    Hammer of Building (buy new) on the Lab
    Hammer of Fighting on Edragon.

    Book of Everything on the Barrack to level 14, for Yeti.

    I like to play with new toys early, so that is my plan.

    What is your townhall 13 upgrade plan?
    I will do the same as you i guess
    Its a peefect plan

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    Th13 with BOB
    Put 2 scattershot with ROG
    Then RC at lvl 1
    Then will decide.

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    near the map legend right by the seadragon
    This is kind of fun to think about. I will have to run some numbers to see what I can actually do.
    My top prioirty is going to be the hero's, storages, and lab to get the offense going. In particular I want to try the yeti.

    Fingers crossed that he is more like the bat spell and a lot of fun, and not like the bowler that needed two major tweaks over the first year to make them usable. Actually given the ice golem's offensive history this might not be such a good bet on my part.

    For those interested it looks like BK and AQ require 38 days of upgrading if no books are used. GW will take 77.5 days, and the RC will take 90 days.
    Free to play no longer maxed base (TH13 BK67 AQ70 GW45 RC14)

    Thank you to all the players who buy gems and allow others to play for free.

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    Thank you guys ❤️

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    I知 maxed out TH12 walls as well. This update has sparked renewed interest.

    I cashed in on the November season bank so had about 30m in resources, saw the Black Friday deal of 1m DE 30m gold 1 builder potion and 5 books of heroes so bought that and bought a week shield. So sitting now with 6 books of heroes, 3 books of building (1 waiting in season rewards), 6 builder potions, 55m gold, 28m elixir 1.44m DE magic items in TH are topped out too. OTTO is complete so 6 builders.

    Plan is as follows:
    TH 13 and use a book building to complete.
    Royal champion and immediately upgrade to lvl 2
    Gold storage upgrade and use book building
    Gold storage upgrade And use book building
    Gold storage upgrade
    DE storage upgrade
    Lab use a hammer building
    Builders 5&6 on scattershots.
    Use all 6 builder potions and wait 6 hours..... can go loot and fill resources again...

    Royal champion will be level 3 by this time.
    Lvl 4 to 9 I値l use all my remaining DE and the 6 books of heroes.
    Lvl 10 royal champion with a hammer of heroes 💪🏻

    Gem the DE and 3rd gold store after the 6h (60h after the 6 builder potions at a cost of 2000 gems roughly.

    Hammer of building on the CC to max it out. (Got 700 odd league medals)

    Will have Some builders spare now so:
    Builder 1 still on scattershot
    Builder 2 still on scattershot
    Builder 3 on barracks
    Builder 4 on TH to lvl 2
    Builder 5 on elixir storage
    Builder 6 keep free

    Hammer of heroes for queen to lvl 66
    Hammer fighting for bowlers to max
    Hammer spells for jump to max
    Hammer spells for heal to max

    Wait for barracks for yeti and use last hammer fighting for yeti to lvl 2. Will most likely gem the barracks.

    Offence should be good, no rush to upgrade any defences 👍🏻

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tajikey View Post
    I'm not hyped on the new troop or siege weapon, so I'll save those until later. Here's my rundown:

    TH = BoB
    CC = HoB
    Lab = HoB
    Bowlers = HoF
    Hogs = HoF
    Dragons = BoF
    Heal = BoS
    New Hero Level 2-4 = Builder Potions
    Hero Level 5 and 6 = BoH
    Hero Level 7 and 8 = HoH

    Not sure after that.
    Do you not have to upgrade storages to get enough gold for the CC upgrade? I知 sitting with 50m gold (Black Friday deal) but I assumed it may not let you upgrade the CC as the storages need to be upgraded ( under normal circumstances)

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