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    1.Townhall (First Level Hammer) 2-4.Gold wait time=36 days. 5.Book of Everything. 1 builder at all times
    2.Eagle Artillary Hammer of Building.
    3.Lab (Book of Building) Troops/Ballons Hammer of Fighting. Spells/
    4.DE Storage/Gold Storage/Elixir Storage. 3 builders at all times
    5.Heros Royal Champion/Grand Warden/Queen/King 1 builder at all times
    6.Clan Castle
    7.Scatter Shot
    11.Air Dedenses
    12.Wizard Towers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandurang View Post
    Will need huge amounts of dark elixer, so I won't be farming with dark elixer troops. My favourite troop to attack with (also in Legends and war attacks) is miners but only few people will have their air defences upgraded on a short notice so the new level (electro) dragons will probably be dominating the game for a while.
    No troop upgrade is needed for farming, though. I'm thinking which troop is best upgrade for war, trophy pushing or war league.

    Contact SC here. Click here for how trophies are calculated. How is war map placement of max halls determined?, see answer here. Thank you SC for the new legends! However, how to fight collusion here.

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    First phase:
    BoB on TH
    HoB on lab and CC
    HoS on heal spell
    HoF on healers and balloons
    Buy new hero
    Use builders for dark, 2 gold and 2 elixir storages with loot from treasury, collectors and legend loot - 5 builders busy for 9-10 days
    Use the last builder for new hero(1 day upgrade), new traps and maybe some walls while storges upgrading

    I will probably use few builder poition to speed thing up for phase 2

    Second phase: (with 15m storage capacity)
    2 new defenses, 2 gold storage and 1 barracks

    Third phase:
    2 elixer storage, 2 defenses and 1 barracks

    And then keep with barracks 1 at the time, workshop and defenses.. defenses.. untill the end while keeping 1 builder free for walls

    Few notes:
    1. I going to use rune only when storages are max for the rune type
    2. Im going to leave lab idle and will hammer hogs and dragons in the next 2 weeks to gain 2 upgrades in 2 weeks instead of 1
    3. Use BoH on warden first cause he doesn't need storage upgrade for the first 3 levels

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    My plan to take my time and max out my brand new TH9 and get my baby heroes to 30. Ahh, I can't wait to get those walls and Xbows maxed! Oh wait, y'all talkimg about th13....oh my bad. I guess that'll take me a couple of years to reach there😂😂😂😂

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    1. TH - Book of building
    2. Siege Workshop - Hammer of building
    3. Lab - Probably gem (have 6-7k free gems on both accounts saved for updates)
    4. Hogs - Hammer of fighting (been using them in Legends for the last few weeks and it has been my most successful army so far)
    5. Heal - Hammer of spells (don't really have another use for it... still have the book handy for whenever rage comes up)
    6. Eagle Artillery - Hammer of building (will use future ones on the CC and then ITs)

    I'm going to probably save everything else for when it is needed. As for ongoing upgrades:

    Lab - Balloon (should be able to afford with expanded current storages) and new Siege machine
    New hero - will upgrade whenever I have the resources for her and will use my rune of Dark when it comes up
    Barracks (1 at a time)

    I figure that I'll mostly ignore my current heroes originally. If it looks like I'm going to have an excess of elixir at some point I'll do the warden with a book. That'll allow me to have my current 3 heroes up will raiding and while in wars. Sui mass hogs has been pretty effective for me recently and I'll get a really nice bump to it which should outweigh the new defenses initially.
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    I'm not hyped on the new troop or siege weapon, so I'll save those until later. Here's my rundown:

    TH = BoB
    CC = HoB
    Lab = HoB
    Bowlers = HoF
    Hogs = HoF
    Dragons = BoF
    Heal = BoS
    New Hero Level 2-4 = Builder Potions
    Hero Level 5 and 6 = BoH
    Hero Level 7 and 8 = HoH

    Not sure after that.

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    Th13 upgrade

    Hello clashers ❤️❤️
    What should be the upgrade priority in th13?
    i have all the magic items expect book of everything, 6 builders and 450 medels 🔥
    Thank you
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    Will finalize once I can have all the prices in front of me in-game with gold pass factored in but in general:

    1. Use current Hammer on the TH.
    2. Get another Hammer from CWL for the CC.
    3. Use BoB on the Lab.
    4. Drop the new hero, start upgrade.
    5. Get a least one builder each on a gold and elixir storage upgrade.
    6. Put down the latest traps because why not.
    7. Use BoH on the queen (Can afford because I'm sitting on 360K DE from the season bank and am shielded.)
    8. The rest idk, I'll figure it out.

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    Upgrade stuff, in a few months itíll all be done 🙂

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    Details have to be worked out but I can get my RC to level 12. I think I will go for dragons, edragons and loons as the first troops. This should be possible instantly with the resources I have now. As well as the CC upgrade and several storages.
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