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Thread: Hammer use

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    Hammers can exceed storage capacity
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    Hammers are time of purchase. So if you purchase one today and don't use it for two weeks you'll be able to get another one right away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanji View Post
    Is the cool down on hammers from the time of purchase or the time of use? for example, if I buy 1 now to use in a week can I get another one as soon as I use it?
    its from time of purchase. I bought all the hammers last cwl. So can buy and use more as soon as I have space.

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    Very good information about Hammers and cooldown you can find here :

    Recommend read for all who plan use Hammer's.

    I don't plan use hammers. I choice boost potion and enjoying of waiting upgrade
    Soon something happen

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