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    [Merge]Total balloony || community clans

    Total balloony - #CC08YYJP
    Total accounts 16 <many have multiple accounts>
    9 members
    mostly from India , US and Europe
    we have
    # of TH8 : 1
    # of TH9 : 0
    # of TH10 : 5
    # of TH11 : 4
    <2 will be going to Th12>
    # of TH12 : 7

    We are looking to merge with other bigger clan / alliance
    What are we looking for ?
    Casual wars<normal> clan / Community clan
    preferably wars based on opt ins
    Discord environment <my personal preference , many members in my clan don't use discord>
    CWL - High Crystal or masters
    Clan games - to earn minimum 1000 points or less per clasher

    Reason for merge : finding it difficult to recruit<Global shut down> and hard to get max points<clan games> on all mini accounts . its tiring
    PM me ! thanks for the read

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    OP no longer currently looking for merge.

    Thread closed, another may be started if this changes.
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