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Thread: Valley Problem

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    Valley Problem

    I have been playing the valley since the latest season started, I have completed all my daily quests and had approximately 1400 for each tokens. I also had 20 something fuel left, I was also over 100 chickens so at the end I would have been able to purchase the diamond package. Today when I went to sign in, my tokens were at zero and I was starting over on my tasks, another person in my neighbourhood was in same situation, I am check with my other hood members to see if they are in the same boat. Please help

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    Have you contacted in-game support? If by chance you have any screenshots, that will be helpful. Please reach out to them. Other than at the very beginning of the season, I have not heard of this issue. I do hope it gets resolved for you.

    Also the sub-forum you should have posted in is here:

    I will ask a moderator to move this, as our Community Manager checks there often.
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