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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigdome757 View Post
    You have not made a single point that has not been made countless times before.
    You said you didn't even read it.
    So you don't get to make such claims. You have nothing of value to add to this thread until you first read the post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reformation30 View Post
    You'll find out when you read the thread. Don't ask me questions that can be answered by reading the original post just because you are lazy.
    I did take the time to read your entire version of War and Peace. You can pretty it up all you like but SC has made a choice to upgrade heroes the way it exists today. Nothing you said has not been said in hundred other threads before you and still equates to the same thing:” I enjoy playing the game and dont feel I get full enjoyment without my heroes.” SC does get revenue from purchases to speed up upgrades, nowhere in your diatribe did I see any mention of how SC will recoup that loss of revenue by allowing heroes to be available nonstop. Perhaps my eyes are old, can you please point out the exact portion that explains where SC will getmore than the revenue they lose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reformation30 View Post
    You also don't get to claim it will never happen because:
    1) It's not on the list of permanently ruled our ideas
    But it is on the Frequently Requested Ideas & Ideas Implemented In-Game

    • Make heroes usable in wars while upgrading


    • Greatly reduced hero regen times

    Quote Originally Posted by Bakunin View Post
    The above thread contains a list of ideas that have already been ruled out or responded to! SC appreciate any contributions you can make to existing ideas, but we suggest you do not post your idea before reviewing the existing ideas/suggestions thread in this thread. It's likely that another Clasher has already posted something similar and you can add your own unique twist to the existing thread! Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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