the game is on an iPad Pro, 12", 2nd gen.
ok, I had 3 orchards of peaches in various sizes and stages of growth. two with new plantings, and one I had just pulled the last harvest from. (new plantings had 9 and 16 new trees in them, and the dead trees were 12)
as I don't have enough saws, I set out to move the dead trees to an area where I store dead trees using the layout editor.
and this time the game crashed while I was moving from the orchard area to the storage area, after having 'stored' all the dead trees.
I've had a lot of crashes since the last update, but usually everything gets recovered normally. but this was the first time it had crashed while using the editor.
Then everything went weird.
My three sections of peach orchard were kinda scrambled. 9 of the dead trees were in the location of one of the new plantings. the other 'new' planting areas had the other 3 dead trees, and the rest were new trees. The area I had just pulled the dead trees from was empty.
When I move to my 'dead tree' zone, and started placing the 'dead' trees, instead, it planted the missing 'new' trees.

it took me a while, and I wound up with a 4th orchard of new peach trees, but I got it all sorted.
No, I did not contact in-game support, as ultimately, nothing was lost. And there was nothing to fix.

Just weird stuff.