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Thread: I need some advice on going to th11.

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    I need some advice on going to th11.

    Hello. I would like some advice on goin to th11. Im maxed out on everything but king he is at lvl 31. When do you think i should go to th11. Please give some pros and cons
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    Well, unless you really enjoy TH10... now!

    A lot of people say that either maxing or rushing is the way to go, but that’s not even relevant in your situation. There’s absolutely no reason to spend time on 9 extra levels for you BK. The King is fine at level 31 and will get there eventually.

    So I’d advice you to upgrade right now
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    If you have maxed out every other thing then it makes sense to go up.


    1.You won't waste loot.
    2.Builders won't sit idle.
    3.Lab doesn't go dark.
    4.You will be far more useful for CWL once you develop the camps and war troops (the advantages actually start the moment you start placing the extra defenses.)


    Low level King is a disadvantage for regular war.

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    If I was in your position , I would have upgraded my th to 11
    it depends on your personal preference
    whether to upgrade after maxing TH or before that

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    Pros - better offense: warden, new queen levels, stronger troops, bigger camps, better clan castle
    Cons - ? IDK you like to max your base?
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    I upgraded my TH9 when the only thing left to upgrade were a few lvls of the queen, 11 lvls of the king and some troops that I never use, because I couldn't use my gold and elixir, and also because at TH10 is easier to get DE for the heroes.
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    Stop being such a non-bh9 and upgrade already.

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