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    Spawned Troops based on Heros skin

    When using the Pekka skin on the Barbarian King, it would be cool to see mini Pekkas come out when hitting the Rage. Or if you have the skeleton skin going, the rage would spawn skeletons.

    Same thing for the Valk skin with the Archer Queen. She would spawn valkeries

    I sure people who didnt get those skins would probably poo-poo the idea, but im saying the spawned troops would have the same abilities as the spawned barbarians or archers. It would be just a cool graphical change. No real tactical advantage.

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    IDK how it'd work with the valk queen since the archers are ranged troops, but as long as what you propose are visual/cosmetic effects only with no actual effect on gameplay then I'm for it. It'd be funny to see spawned barbarians wearing pekka helmets
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    Although I can appreciate the idea and it'd look cool, it'd require additional 3D model troops to be designed and that would slow down the game a bit. Maybe in the future when devices are more powerful it could be considered, but at this point, it appears Supercell doesn't think it's worth the effort of the trade off. Here's what Darian posted a few months ago:

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    Converting troops to 3D and reskinning them would be a relatively pointless endeavor. The models are simply too small, and given how many of them have to manifest on the battlefield, it could be difficult for many older phones to render so many 3D models at once. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    ok. thanks for the heads up.

    makes sense.

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    SC saod they're working on heroes, hope they consider more on the visual update too

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