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Thread: How to use a local environment for develipment code?

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    Question How to use a local environment for develipment code?


    I actually I desire a work in a Local Virtual Machine for Test the code and more later Update to the correct Web Site, but In my tests, this option not read the API information,

    My environment, is same to;

    • WIndows 10 running Hyper-V, with a Virtual Machine based in Ubuntu with a internal IP Address (works fine) with no problems, but only in command shell.
    • The testing is ejecuted in the Windows 10 with a Crhome Browser.
    • The code is upload to this Linux VM, but to execute with my Key, not display the clan information.
    • The Key, contents my Public IP Fiber Channel connection.

    Exist any method for not use a Cloud server and increased this costs for a developmet process?.

    Any idea?

    Thank you so much!,

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    Theoretically you can use any test server for development, the only thing you have to keep in mind, is that the api key provided by Supercell includes the public IP you are using. If it's the same one you put in when you asked for the api key, you shouldn't have problems. One solution is to request an api key for the test server and one for the final server. Another is to read the data on the server that works and simulate the reading on the development server. I leave an example of the development we are using in our clan to see the members, suggestions are welcome. The troops, heroes and siege machine are missing from the new update, which I will incorporate shortly.


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    Thx!, I solved finally usign a external server.

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