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Thread: House of Clashers New Website + Opportunity to Share Written Content

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    House of Clashers New Website + Opportunity to Share Written Content

    Hello Clashers,

    I'm the creator of the House of Clashers website and apps. I always loved to create written content, YouTube is not really my thing, so I wrote down tons of strategies over there since 2013. Here is the link:

    This year I created a brand new website from scratch where I can sync the content between the website and iOS/Android app guides. And now I'm taking a step further and I'm opening some pages to anyone who wants to contribute.

    More precisely, attack strategies and attack formations.

    This is specially interesting to YouTubers that make videos about a strategy (for example Golem + Bats Guide) and are interested in writing down high quality content as well.

    The guide will be published on both House of Clashers website and apps. I have a significant amount of page views and some guides reaching over half a million views, so my guess is about 10k~20k guide views on the first few weeks, easily.

    Of course I will give total credit, link to your channel, link to YouTube video and give a shoutout on Twitter. This would certainly gain you subscribers, views and followers on Twitter.

    The guides have only a few rules:

    • At least 800 words
    • At least 5 high quality images (taken from a high quality device, not YouTube video)
    • At least 5 subtopics/subtitles
    • High quality banner (the banner from the YT channel).
    • Can't be the exact same formation that already has on the website.
    • YouTube Channel must have at least 500 subscribers - I want no advertisement from you or your channel, 500 is just to be sure you are working hard to be a content creator and have high quality content.

    I don't want anything back. If you want to give me a shoutout on your video/twitter great, but it's not necessary.

    I just just want to keep in touch with the community, share content, help content creators and keep House of Clashers growing, as I need different Clashers with different views/Town Halls to create unique high quality content too. I'm a maxed TH 12 stuck on EDragons and Queen Walk + Bowlers + PEKKA for a while.

    Attack Strategies can be to both Home Village and Builder Base.

    Here is an example of a guide written by me, based on an ESL attack:
    Another example, the Queen Walk. Extremelly popular, over 200k views:

    The idea is to have 1 new attack strategy featured per week so I can keep the content with high quality as well.

    If you are interested, reach me out! Clash on!
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