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Thread: More king levels at town hall 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by SumoSloth View Post
    Fair point for sure. with the ability to get higher level of cc troops at th9, balancing wise it might be that both heroes should end at 25 for th9 and have 15 levels each for th10, it would also encourage more rapid movement to th10 and limit the game ending grind that many feel at th9.
    This makes sense to me. I know I'm taking my mini to 10 when I hit 25/25. The de shortage at 9 makes the hero grind a pain. Even with the shorter upgrade time, there are too many levels at 9 and not enough at 10.

    Quote Originally Posted by SumoSloth View Post
    I do vaguely remember that, but I also know the game has changed pretty drastically since then with advent of all the free loot / hammers etc. which make elixir much less necessary at TH8 for a longer duration.
    Every base I saw at 8 had huge amounts of elixir. Pretty sure the economy could handle it now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CocxxMxx View Post
    would you consider letting town hall 8 upgrade king to level 15 or 20. would it help balancing th 8 loot?
    I think It's completely fine, for the sake of all other dense building level, only dragon and rage could wipe out everything. And barbarian king isn't necessary, good for funneling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    Not really. De is scarce at 8 and even 9. The overflow at 8 is elixir which wouldnt be helped by additonal hero levels.
    de is not scarce since they’ve added the season bank. sitting over max de since the last season and no way to spend since lab is constantly going and king is max. all my defences are max and finishing off walls. adding 5 or 10 more levels to the king could help. also i feel as if the level 10 king is a little bit too weak for a th 8

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