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Thread: No Broken Down Trucks

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    No Broken Down Trucks

    In this derby I've received (at least) three "Help repair another farmer's broken down truck". During this time I've seen NO broken down trucks. Based on previous experience this is statistically highly unlikely. Is it possible there's a bug lurking somewhere?

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    Since the beginning of the valley I have only seen maybe 2 broken trucks in all the seasons. In my experience, what you are experiencing is par for the course

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    I’ve only seen one smoking heap, but it was too far away in the clouds to waste my gas on. Nothing requiring fixing one in my daily quests either. I’m knocking on the wooden floorboards of my own truck that I don’t throw a crankshaft before this is over.

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    Its more likely they are getting fixed very quickly take me for example i play the valley on two farms so one truck is always following the other meaning i can repair my truck instantly and theres hoods out their that stay in a set area then when they breakdown they go on chat asking for help and since their hoodmates are always close by again trucks get fixed quickly i can say my truck for sure still breaks down daily and i only do the four sun tasks
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