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Thread: Attack strategies

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    Attack strategies

    I am a new TH12.

    What are the best attack strategies that I should learn and which troops I should upgrade for wars?

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    Honestly I would build on your existing TH 11 strat(s) that got you to this point. until you get camps, some of the newer troops/spells up to par -or- max out on some farming/war troops/spells... you will essentiall be a TH11 for a while anyway.

    Get the army camps maxed out, get the CC maxed out, get the siege barrax going asap (its so nice to self-serve for these, plus you can still (hopefully) req a max siege; and depending on your clan's rank; can donate max with your L1s!) and upgrade any barrax with new troops and Lab obv..

    a VERY popular army is the ZapDrag/Loon sometimes with a clone spell.

    PekkaBoBat is also popular but requires a lot of practice (in order to scout the best 'phases' deployment positions/comps)

    For my own personal tastes I run Hogs with Witches and PEKKAs (I call it HogWiPe) PM me and ill get u the comp details and spells I use.

    but temper expectations. may not have a lot of success early on until you shed that "TH11-skin" fully. same as when you jumpped from 10-11, 9-10, 8-9 ect...
    Books, medals, events, CGs, help a ton for a new TH grind.

    Good luck partner.

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